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Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, Hydrology Exhibit
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SPLASH - Increasing Hydrologic Literacy

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What is Workgroups?

Workgroups is an online collaboration center developed by the SAHRA web development team. This system was created to make distance collaboration on multiple projects more managable for our researchers, faculty and staff.

Who can use Workgroups?

Currently, persons involved with SAHRA projects may use Workgroups. To become a member of a Workgroup, or to create a new one, send an email to

How do I start a new Workgroup?

Email to create a new Workgroup. Include your name, email, and the the name of the Workgroup you would like to create. When the request is processed, we will notify you when the Workgroup has been successfully created. Takes up to one business day to setup.

How do I join an existing Workgroup?
If you know of a Workgroup that already exists, and you would like to be a member, contact the moderator of the group. If you aren't sure who the moderator of the Workgroup is, send an email to for more assistance.


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