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Web Services & Tools
Hydroarchive - The SAHRA Hydroarchive software exchange site allows the creators of hydrologic software to share their work with the general public. It offers researchers, practitioners and students the opportunity to give a larger audience access to their products and to benefit from the achievements of others.
Global Water News Watch - Arid and Semi-Arid Water News From Around the World - Search from over 10,000 Water news articles and subscribe for free to an email news tracker service.
Discovering Hydrology at Kartchner Caverns - SAHRA, The Cochise County Cooperative Extension, and Arizona State Parks jointly created this program on the key role of water in the history and evolution of Kartchner Caverns and the San Pedro River Basin.
Discovering Hydrology at Sabino Canyon - SAHRA , the USDA Forest Service , and the USGS jointly created this program on the origin and nature of a desert stream. This website introduces the hydrology of Sabino Creek - where the stream originates, how it changes with weather and season, and where it goes. Press a button on the right to begin.
SAHRA Workgroups - an online collaboration center s created to make distance collaboration on multiple projects more manageable for our researchers, faculty and staff.
Residential Water Conservation - Information on how to conserve water in your home.
Isotopes and Hydrology - Information on Applying Isotopes to Hydrologic Studies.
  Water Glossary - Browse alphabetically terms which are used commonly in hydrology and throughout the SAHRA website
  Water Quotes Search - Searchable online database of over 200 Water-related quotes.


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