SAHRA’s staff desires to improve the quality and usefulness of the Water Teacher Resource kits that we make available to you.

In order to do this most effectively, we need to gather some information about where, when and how the kits and their individual modules are being used, and about your students' response to them.

This online feedback system is meant to make the processes of record-keeping and data submission easier for you.

The tracking of the Water kits’ usage will by necessity be a long-term project that will modify kit design and teacher training as feedback begins and progresses.

We greatly appreciate your assistance with this effort to improve these education resources! 



To enter teacher feedback ONLINE for any of the


click the button on the LEFT.


If you would prefer not to enter feedback online:

For a printable pdf of the Water Quality kit feedback form, click HERE.

For a printable pdf of the Aquatic Life    kit feedback form, click HERE.

For a printable pdf of the Watershed Processes feedback form, HERE.

For a printable pdf of the Urban Hydrology feedback form, click HERE.







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