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Macro Theme Area:
River Systems

The River Systems Macro-theme Area comprises process studies that incoporate elements of SAHRA's original Thrust Area I, Spatial and Temporal Components of the Water Balance, Thrust Area III, Functioning of Riparian Systems, and Thrust Area V, Water as a Resource: Competition, Conflict, Planning, and Policy. Within this new Macro-Theme area, the following research concerns are addressed:

  • Riparian water balance
  • Nutrient and solute sources and cycling
  • Ecosystem dynamics and value
  • Nonmarket value and links to ecosystem dynamics
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Integration into decision support
  • Relevant technology and equipment

Active SAHRA projects within this Macro-theme Area are:

R01 Geochemical identification of riparian water sources (completed)
R03 Pedotransfer functions and land-surface parameters for modeling
R04 Rio Grande solute balance and dynamic simulation models
R08 Riparian vegetation dynamics (completed)
R09 The influence of episodic flow events on nutrient and sediment loads in semiarid streams
R12 Quantifying terrestrial-aquatic linkages and biogeochemical fluxes in semi-arid watersheds
R13 Coupling groundwater/surface water/vegetation evapotranspiration (completed)
R14 Coupling nutrients and surface water
R16 Domestic and institutional water demand: experimental, historical, and survey analysis
R17 Medium resolution MODFLOW model of the Middle & Lower San Pedro river basin
R21 Extending the "Alternative Futures" model of the San Pedro river basin
R22 Groundwater model for hydrological and ecological changes in riparian zones (completed)
R24 Water, carbon, and nutrient flux in ephemeral channels in the San Pedro River Basin (completed)
R25 Coupling BGC to hydrology
R27 EPA stormwater trading experiments (completed)
R28 Evaluation of paleodata to determine past, present, and future hydrologic variability in Arizona (completed)
R29 Riparian ET tool with GIS-based vegetation management (completed)
R30 Evaluation of water use change due to riparian vegetation change (completed)
R31 Riparian vegetation change, variable hydrology, and ecological processes
R33 Water, energy and carbon cycling in a southwestern subalpine forest (completed)
R34 Hydrologic impacts of LA basin fires (completed)
R35 Evaluation of impacts of brush invasion
R36 Upland semiarid ecosystems' water and carbon dioxide exchange (completed)
R37 Rainout experiments in the Santa Rita range (completed)
R38 Evaluating changes in spring hydrology as indicators of drought in the Middle Verde Valley (completed)
R39 Valuation of Rio Grande Bosque restoration (completed)
R40 Hydrologic thresholds for biodiversity in semiarid riparian ecoysystems
R41 Groundwater models for science-based conservation, restoration, and water planning (CDI project)
R42 Stream-aquifer interactions in effluent-dominated riparian systems (WSP grant)

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