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Macro-Theme Area:
Integrated Modeling

The Integrated Modeling Macro-Theme Area comprises modeling studies that incoporate elements of SAHRA's original Thrust Area IV, Multi-Resolution Integrated Modeling of Basin-Scale Processes and Thrust Area V, Water as a Resource: Competition, Conflict, Planning, and Policy, along with two of SAHRA's renewal proposal Theme Areas, Regional Hydrometeorology and Data and Information. Within this new Macro-Theme area, the following research concerns are addressed:

  • Fine-resolution models
  • Medium-resolution models
  • Coarse-resolution models
  • Integration of physical and behavioral science at al modelling levels
  • Climate drivers and data

Active SAHRA projects within this Macro-Theme Area are:

M01 Developing long-term multi-resolution precipitation and meteorological data sets (completed)
M03 Fine-resolution integrated model of the Rio Grande basin
M05 Water markets physical systems model development
M13 Decision support system for San Pedro managers
M14 Dynamic simulation model of the Upper Rio Grande basin: An integrative decision support tool
M18 Assessment and modeling of institutional structures for demand-side management
M19 Disaggregating domestic water demand: Determining socio-economic and climatic factors and trends and identifying conservation opportunities
M20 Utilizing low-cost, high-resolution water meter loggers to analyze domestic water demand
M21 Economic valuation of (riparian) flyways
M22 Integrated assessment (completed)
M23 Development of a conceptual model for multi-resolution integrated modeling in the Rio Grande river basin (completed)
M24 Database and interface development
M25 Developing land parameter sets for distributed modeling
M26 tRIBS model of the regional Rio Grande watershed (completed)
M27 Integration of behavioral components with Rio Grande coarse-resolution modeling (completed)
M28 Water markets model testing and integration
M30 Scenario development
M31 Multi-resolution model evaluation
M32 GCM's vs RCM Do we need regional climate models to simulate the future hydrologic response of the Colorado River Basin? (CDI project)
M33 Linking past, present and future: Integrating tree rings, instrumental records and GCM in scenarios for the US southwest (CDI project)
M34 Tracing terrestrial water storage dynamics in near real-time: A key element for drought assessment in the Colorado River basin (CDI project)
M35 Downscaling of climate projections for the U.S. Southwest
M36 Modeling agricultural water consumption under sociopolitical scenarios in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

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