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Macro-Theme Area:
Basin-Scale Water Balance

The Basin-Scale Macro-Theme Area comprises process studies that incoporate elements of SAHRA's original Thrust Area I, Spatial and Temporal Components of the Water Balance, and Thrust Area II, Basin-Scale Water and Solute Balances. Within this new Macro-Theme area, the following research concerns are addressed:

  • Plot- to hillslope-scale processes
  • Landscape- to basin-scale water balances
  • Linkages between scales
  • Behavioral components, institutional analysis, and policy criteria
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Relevant technology and equipment

Active SAHRA projects within this Macro-Theme Area are:

B01 SWE distribution and snowmelt processes
B02 Hydrologic modeling of SWE and runoff
B03 SEBAL evapotranspiration estimates for semiarid regions (complete)
B04 Response of rangeland vegetation to multi-year drought: Integrating water, plant, and soil processes and their role in vegetation change (completed)
B05 Ecohydrological controls on desert vadose-zone dynamics (completed)
B08 Modeling the mechanisms of mountain block recharge
B10 Basin recharge: ETR arrays and low-dimensional recharge/runoff models
B11 Groundwater and surface water salinization in the El Paso/Juarez Region (completed)
B13 Isotopic quantification of mountain front recharge in southeast Arizona (completed)
B18 Transect study: Partitioning of infiltration/runoff
B19 Transect study: vegetation water use from sap flux measurements
B20 Recharge/runoff partitioning from geochemical tracers
B21 Ecohydrological synthesis
B22 Impact of fire on catchment hydrologic response in Sabino Canyon (completed)
B23 Groundwater sources, flowpaths, and residence times in the Middle Verde River watershed
B24 Estimating Arizona's water reserves from space-borne gravity observations
B25 Transect study: ET flux towers
B26 Enhancing the Semiarid Ecohydrology Array (SECA) Flux Tower Network (CDI project)
B27 Evaluating the effects of climate and land use change on runoff and recharge with high resolution measurements of the quantity, chemistry, and isotopic signature of rainfall and runoff (CDI project)
B28 Climate change and aquifer recharge: Developing a seasonal groundwater model for the San Pedro Basin, Arizona (CDI project)


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