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Home Water Testing: Introduction

Do you need a home water treatment device? First determine the quality of your water source and the quality of your tap water. Try to obtain as much water quality information as possible from your local water provider or contact neighbors with wells near your own well.

If your house is connected to a public water system...
Public water utilities are required by law to deliver water that meets National Primary Drinking Water Standards (NPDWS) to your house (meter) inlet. Public water utilities should also deliver water with acceptable taste and aesthetics.

If your tap water is colored or cloudy, smells, or has an unusual taste, verify that your house pipes are not affecting your water quality. Note the appearance, taste, and smell of the water from an outlet located outside the house (as close to the main meter as possible). If the water is similar in quality both outside and inside your house, talk with neighbors, as they may be experiencing similar problems. If this is the case, contact your water provider immediately. Most water quality issues of this nature are temporary and will be resolved by your water provider. If your provider is unable to improve the water quality, you should contact the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) for further assistance.

If you still are not satisfied with your water quality, you should request an annual water quality analysis report or obtain it from the appropriate water provider website. Verify that your water provider delivers water that meets all EPA standards and guidelines. Using this report, you may choose some water quality parameters that you would like to improve. Review the Table of Water Problems to see possible solutions you can implement at your home.

If you instead own your own well...
First, obtain all available water quality information from the previous owner, neighbors, and local water utilities, then consider further testing . If your water source is cloudy, smelly, or has an unacceptable taste, it likely does not conform to National Secondary Drinking Water Standards (NSDWS) . Consider testing for all parameters and review the table of Water Problems: Symptoms, Tests, and Possible Sources to determine water problems and possible sources of contamination. Finally, contact ADEQ for information on possible or known sources of groundwater contamination in your area.

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