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Macro-Theme Area:
Knowledge Transfer

The Knowledge Transfer Macro-Theme Area comprises projects that incoporate elements of SAHRA's original Knowledge Transfer effort as well as international projects, several of which were originally part of Thrust Area V, Water as a Resource: Competition, Conflict, Planning, and Policy. Within this new Macro-Theme area, the following concerns are addressed:

  • International activities
  • Trade publication
  • Web resources
  • Professional development
  • Public displays and information
  • Media briefings
  • Internal center communication

Active SAHRA projects within this Macro-Theme Area are:

K02 Dynamic simulation modeling and water banking for the Rio Conchos basin
K04 Dynamic simulation models for outreach and education (complete)
K05 Sabino Canyon kiosk, display, Web (complete - website)
K06 Kartchner Caverns kiosk, display, Web (complete- website)
K08 Media briefings
K09 Southwest Hydrology magazine (website)
K10 Outreach Connection website (complete - website)
K12 Online Management System
K13 Global Water NewsWatch (website)
K15 Water Conservation House (complete - website)
K16 UNESCO GWADI Web resources for semi-arid countries (website)
K19 Alternate Futures (completed)
K20 Development of a Decision Support System (DSS) for the Lower Rio Grande/Rio Bravo (completed)
K22 Participation in Arizona Hydrological Society Annual Meetings
K23 2nd International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management (complete)
K24 Hydroarchive (complete - website)
K25 General SAHRA website
K26 Isotopes and Hydrology website (complete - website)
K27 Ephemeral Flow - Internal SAHRA Newsletter
K31 Arizona Town Hall meeting on water
K32 Arsenic in Arizona: economic costs and hydrogeologic feasibility of non-treatment methods (complete)
K33 Preparation of Annual Report and revision of Strategic Plan
K35 SAHRA alumni database
K36 ArizonaWater.org (website)
K37 Prop 301: Joint water centers education and outreach project
K38 SAHRA stakeholder engagement support
K39 Science fact sheets
K41 Arizona Hydrologic Information System
K42 Rainwater harvesting for arid environments
K44 Arizona tribal water settlements (completed)
K45 Volunteer rainlog networks (website)
K47 Making Arizona well and groundwater databases Web-accessible (website)
K49 Drought planning and implementation in Cochise and Santa Cruz counties (CDI project)
K52 Hydrologic Synthesis Center proposal development
K53 Climate change impacts on Southwestern basins
K54 TIES grant
K55 Supporting domestic well owners in Arizona (CDI project)
K58 Rio Grande book
K59 Expertise/resources in environmental sciences
K60 Groundwater flow dynamics in the Colorado River Delta
K61 UA Sustainability Program
K62 Collecting, assessing, integrating and visualizing data from diverse sources for drought monitoring: a proposed extension of AHIS (CDI project)
K63 Drought tools (externally funded project)
K64 ICIWaRM Level II Center
K65 Biosphere 2 collaboration
K66 National Phenology Network collaboration


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