Unit1-Sec3-Law Case Studies

Water Law - Case Studies

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Student's should be able to:

  • Paper Assignment: Review the topics and links below and select a topic that you are particularly interested in. Read at least 3 papers related to this topic (you may do some research and find your own, if you want) and write a 3-5 page paper describing your findings. Follow the Case Study paper guidelines.


Water Issues: 

1) "Waters of the US" and Navigability of Arizona Rivers
News Stories

Other Documents


2) Water Transfers
News Stories

Other Documents (due to formating issues, footnotes for some Law Journal pdfs have been cut; goto lexisnexis for original ver.)


3) Tribal Adjudication
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Other Documents

Other Law references

4) Clean Water Act
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Other Documents

Presentation Files: 

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  • Discussion: Does it matter if Arizona's Rivers are navigable?
  • Each participant must compose an initial 200-400(max) word response to this question based on course readings and post under D2L Discussions by the deadline posted on the calendar (start of class before discussion). Review your group's statements and list two short discussion questions that make sense based on your group's interests. Please hold off submitting your list until you read all your group's responses (due 2 hours before the in-class discussion). Following a class discussion of this topic, you must return to the D2L Discussion to summarize some of the points your peers brought up and/or relate them to your original comments by the deadline posted on the calendar (start of next class).

Optional Background Resources & Links: