FOSS Earth History

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Bettter content knowledge

Topic Matrix - Summer Workshop Format (link to Foss Format)
 Unit / Basic Content
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1.1 Granite Countertop Field Trip

1.2 Rock Cycle

Stories in Stone
Rock Observations

Rock identification (Glendale CC)
Rock Identification (summary slides)

UMN: Virtual Mineral Collection


2.1 Stream Sedimentation

2.2 Mass Wasting

AZ GeoSurvey: Flood Hazards

AZ GeoSurvey: Debris Flows

CZO Catalina Debris Flows

Before/after pics of Hurricane Irene

3.1 Geologic Time

3.2 Folding and Faulting

NY Stratigraphic Section

Squeeze Box Animations
- RPI, larger than most
- Davidson, granular
- Ghent, graben
- Other
- Subduction

History of everything, Chronozoom

Size of everything, ScaleofUniverse

Gapminder Amazing Graphs

UCB Geologic Time Machine

USGS Divisions of Geologic Time

4.1 Volcanology

4.2 Plate Tectonics

 Play Doh stratigraphy

US Volcano Hazards Program

Formation of Porphyry-Copper Ore deposits, Science, 338, p.1613

Plate tectonics and people, PSU520

5.1 Campus Geology Walk

5.2 Other topics

AZ Virtual Field trip

Granite Countertop Field Trip

Four Corners 3-D Map

Simple AZ geologic map & X-section

Arizona Rocks Geologic Map

NASA EO: Lower Grand Canyon


FOSS and other Key Web Teacher Resources
The BIG Picture
Understanding Earth, 3/E, Press & Siever
Understanding Earth, 5/E, Press & Siever
Essentials of Geology, 9/E, Lutgens & Tarbuck
AGI - Faces of Earth on YouTube


Additional PLC Materials
 Unit / Basic Content
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Teaching ES  

Marcia's Science teaching ideas -

Madison, WI Integrated Science Program (ISP); Energy Flow (Unit 9)

Implementing and sustaining science curriculum reform, JRST, 46(7), 2009

Stratigraphy   Review of Cross-cutting relationships, Weathering and Depositional Env.
 Local Geology  
Google Earth kmz files  
River Flow  NCED: Videos
Grand Canyon  
Remote Sensing