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Related Programs

CLIMAS - The Climate Assessment Project for the Southwest - established to assess the impacts of climate variability and longer-term climate change on human and natural systems in the Southwest
G-WADI - Water and Development Information for Arid Lands - A Global Network - aims to strengthen the capacity to manage the water resources of arid and semi-arid areas around the globe through a network of international and regional cooperation.
GLOBE - Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment - a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based education and science program
HyDIS - Hydrologic Data Information System - UA-Raytheon Partnership to Demonstrate the Use of EOS Data and EOS-DIS In The Public Interest
PERSIANN - Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks - a system that estimates surface rainfall rate at pixel resolution of 0.25° x 0.25°lat-long scale using geostationary satellite longwave infrared image
WATER - Water in Arizona Teaching Resources - an exciting, standards-based water education program to use in 4th-12th grade classrooms in Tucson, Southern Arizona, and Maricopa County
WSP - Water Sustainability Program - provides science-based technical, economic, legal, and policy expertise necessary for water development, use, and conservation in an increasingly urban state with sustained population growth

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