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October 22, 2009 - Southwest Hydrology hosts "Water and Land for Renewable Energy in the Southwest" Workshop and Symposium

October 15, 2009 - SAHRA's 2009 Annual Meeting Presentations Available

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What is SAHRA?
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SAHRA's mission is to identify critical stakeholder-relevant knowledge gaps and conduct basin-focused multidisciplinary research to fill them; and to convey what is known and what is being learned to improve water management and policy.

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Water for a Desert City
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Community-based rainfall monitoring network
Arizona Water
Your one-stop information center for water in Arizona.
Terrestrial Water Storage Dynamics in the Colorado River Basin
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Discovering Hydrology at Sabino Canyon
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Urban Water Management

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Water Conservation

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AFRICA - Artificial Lake in Dodji: Completion of work expected at beginning of June

ASIA - Bangladesh deploy army as water crisis deepens

EUROPE - Carbon Disclosure Project to Big Companies: Report Your Water Use

ASIA - El Nino "killed" the kingdom of Khmer

UNITED STATES - IBM announces water desalination project

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